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Our Model
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Wealth Management - Advisory
  • The first step towards an advisory relationship is an in depth understanding around the financial goals, financial lifecycle and the long term aspirations of our Clients. Solutions are structured around these aspirations with a focus on wealth preservation. Our Role as Advisor is stewardship over your Wealth. We help our Clients make informed decisions around investment opportunities after a thorough understanding of the risks. It’s best of breed, unbiased financial advice across all relevant asset classes encompassing both strategic and tactical recommendations. Disciplined monitoring of investments, asset allocation aligned to each specific Client’s risk profile supported by deeply researched recommendations allows us to provide objectivity in our investment advice. Taurus offers a dedicated single point of contact whilst ensuring your confidentiality.

Wealth Management - Discretionary
  • Client’s assets are custodised with specific private banks. Clients grant Taurus a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to manage their assets on a discretionary basis.

    Taurus as the Advisor will discuss financial goals and formulate a tailored investment strategy based on Clients’ risk profile with unbiased advice based on strategic and tactical recommendations generated by the Taurus Client Investments Team. Taurus will also execute the same in a cost effective and timely manner with the custodian banks.

    Taurus strictly follows a bank agnostic policy; hence the assets are custodised with private banks of the Client’s choice. Clients retain control over all money transfer in the account.

Niche Investment Offerings
  • A key part of risk management within a portfolio is managed through diversification into different Asset Classes, Managers and Investment Styles within each Asset Class. In response to reverse enquiries of Clients and in order to cater to broader Client requirements that are not satisfactorily met by publicly available offerings, Taurus does from time to time initiate certain niche offerings leveraging the expertise of its team of Investment Counsellors.

    Taurus has developed a Fund of Funds through a certificate note structure that invests in a globally diversified portfolio of top class funds. Taurus provides the asset allocation based on recommendations approved by our Investment Committee and selects the underlying managers and rebalances the portfolio on a regular basis. The purpose is to provide Clients with an actively managed investment that will act as a "balancer" in an investment portfolio. In fact, we view it as a core component of a global portfolio. It is very important to note that it is an investment that is liquid, transparent and diversified.

    The fund of funds provides Clients with the opportunity to access the best of breed fund managers within a cost effective platform.

    Taurus typically focuses on funds where the fund managers themselves have invested a significant part of their capital in the fund resulting in complete alignment of interests with the investors and the fund manager.

    Taurus manages a Fixed Income Model Portfolio which comprises our best of breed Fixed Income investment ideas across developing and emerging economies. This portfolio is dynamically hedged for interest rate and credit default risk from time to time.

    Taurus also actively manages / advises certain niche equity strategies in certificate / fund format across – Indian Equities (, a conservative global equities strategy (Cygnet) and a more aggressive global equities strategy (Trident).

Family Office Services
  • Taurus’ proposition is holistic. Besides providing investment advisory services, we help our Clients prepare Family Governance Mandates. Taurus ensures other important issues like insurance, estate planning, real estate or even lifestyle needs are met. Taurus introduces its Clients to the best of breed service providers in this space across the region and the Clients thereafter liaise directly with these service providers.

    Essentially, the Taurus advisory and service proposition is configured to help Clients interface and gain most effectively from the eco system of providers that is relevant to Clients in managing and governing their wealth.

Private Equity
  • At Taurus we serve as an access point for those Clients who are interested in Investing in Illiquid investments. These would include the entire spectrum from Venture Finance to Early Stage Pre IPOs of internationally renowned companies. While we work with partner firms that introduce these transactions depending on the interest expressed by our Clients. The detailed due diligence and tax advise needs to be taken by each Client independently from specialist firms.

Art Advisory
  • In conjunction with our strategic partners, we assist in offering the following services:

    • Researching and locating special private collection request
    • Valuation & quality assessment of potential purchases
    • Representing clients in private negotiations & auctions
    • Obtaining authentication of works
    • Risk management on art & collectibles
    • Conducting client visits at major art events with professionals in South East Asia as Art Basel Hong Kong, Art stage Singapore